Solar Thermal Test Kit


SL600 Solar Thermal Test Kit


DL7101 - Digital Thermometer




SL911 - Compass Inclinometer


The New SL600 Solar Thermal Test Kit is one of the UK’s most comprehensive kits to service the Solar Thermal market. The kit includes the Di-log DL7101 Digital Thermometer, our biggest selling digital thermometer, 2 x K-type temperature pipe clamps, a digital PH Meter, the SL801 Refracometer for measuring anti-freeze, & the SL911 Compass Inclinometer, packaged in a secure carry case.

The SL600 offers you a fantastic all round Solar Thermal test kit to assist with the installation and servicing of thermal hot water systems.

DL7101 - Digital Thermometer

Dual input contact thermometer offering fast and accurate temperature indication. K type single or dual input with differential temperature.


    • Displays maximum reading and data hold.
    • Large backlit LCD
    • T1-T2 mode for differential temperature
    • Accuracy to 0.5 % on °C and °F settings.


SL911 - Compass Inclinometer

The SL911 allows the solar installer to be much more exact with line of sight for roof slopes and heights without the use of a ladder.

This combinational tool has a precision compass and clinometer built into one unit that is excellent for Solar PV, Solar Thermal and surveyors. The casing is a solid one-piece unit equipped with measurement card & special bearings, which are hermetically sealed in a dampening liquid. This helps to prevent shock and allows a quick and accurate measurement.


    • Accurate 360° Compass with back Bearing measurement
    • 90° Clinometer for roof angle
    • Percentage increase and decrease to measure building height
    • Compass azimuth with reverse scale to prevent error when survcarry case
    • Adjustable eye pieces

SL801 - Refractometer

The SL801 allows you to measure the Glyco Ethelene content of the solar liquid, thus preventing the system



    • Correcting screw for adjustment of null
    • Adjustable eye piece
    • Supplied with small suction tube
    • Small screw driver to adjust null

pH Meter - Digital pH Meter

The small hand held PH meter enables you to measure the PH level of the fluid in the Solar Thermal system.


    • Correcting screw for adjustment of pH calibration
    • Range from 0.0 to 14.0pH
    • Small screw driver to adjust null



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SL600 Solar Thermal Test Kitt



DL7101 Digital Thermometer



DL7101 - Specification


Measurement Range Basic Accuracy
Temperature °C -50 to 1000°C 0.5 % rdg ± 1°Cm²
Temperature °F -58 to 2000°F ± 0.5 % ± 2°F
Input protection 60 V DC or 24 V AC rms  
Power supply 1 x 9V battery  
Dimensions 162 x 76 x 43 mm  
Weight 403g  


SL911 - Specification


Measurement Range Basic Accuracy
Compass Bearing

360°with Back Bearing





Dimensions 125 x 75 x 18 mm  
Weight 180g  


SL801 - Specification


Measurement Range Basic Accuracy

Glyco Ethylene

0 to 58.4%


Glyco Propylene

0 to 62.4%


Dimensions 160 x 40 x 30 mm  
Weight 180g  


pH Meter - Specification


Measurement Range Basic Accuracy
pH Level

0.0 to 14.0pH

± 0.1pH @ (20°C) ± 0.2pH

Power supply 3 x 1.5V battery  
Dimensions 152 x 30 x 21 mm  
Weight 50g  



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