SL911 Compass with Inclinometer

SL909 Type 3 MC3 & Type 4 MC4 Tool Kit

The SL911 combination Compass and Inclinometer tool is essential for accurate sight surveys for Solar PV systems.

The SL911 allows the solar installer to be much more exact with line of sight for roof slopes and heights without the use of a ladder.

This combinational tool has a precision compass and inclinometer built into one unit that is excellent for Solar PV, Solar Thermal and surveyors. The casing is a solid one-piece unit equipped with measurement card & special bearings, which are hermetically sealed in a dampening liquid. This helps to prevent shock and allows a quick and accurate measurement.

Tool kit includes:

  • Accurate 360° Compass with back Bearing measurement
  • 90° Clinometer for roof angle
  • Percentage increase and decrease to measure building height
  • Compass azimuth with reverse scale to prevent error when surveying.
  • Inclinometer in Degrees & percentage for elevation of roof slopes & heights
  • Protective carry case
  • Adjustable eye pieces

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