Infrared Thermometer

DL7105 - Infrared Thermometer

The DL7105 Infrared thermometer offers rapid and accurate temperature measurements.

This is the ideal tool for measuring surface temperature on Solar cels, panels and arrays, especially in those hard to reach areas.

The built in laser guiding system makes it a simple job to fix on the target object.


  • 50 to 1 optical resolution, high distance to target ratio
  • Wide temperature range from – 50 to 1000°C
  • Automatic data hold
  • Large backlit display
  • Automatic power off

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Measurement Range Accuracy
Temperature °C -50 to 1000°C 1.5 % rdg ± 2°C
Temperature °F -58 to 1832°F ± 1.5 % ± 4°F
Distance to spot size 50 : 1  
Emissivity Fixed at 0.95  
Response time Less than 1 second
Power supply 1 x 9V battery
Dimensions 230 x 100 x 56 mm
Weight 290g
Re-CAL Calibration Services Electrical Safety Training Services